Just this week I got to know my work Streets of Havana 9 has been selected to take part in the exhibition Bienal das Artes SESC-DF, to be held in Brasília by the end of June, 2018 (precise date still to be confirmed).

According to the plans, a catalog will also be prepared in print with all the selected works included in the exhibition, featuring an image reproduction  and a description.

Yay again!

Streets of Havana 9 is a 47 x 31.5 in (120 x 80 centimeters) drawing done on canvas with Posca and Montana Cans acrylic markers. On the background, a technique I have been using lately in several of my works, which I like a lot: acrylic ink applied with ordinary paint rollers. The effect looks extraordinary (of course, this is the biased artist’s opinion).

Well, that’s it, folks, now to the not’so-glamurous part: wrapping up the  work, hiring the company to put it in the truck to Brasília and filling long tedious forms.

Bienal das Artes - SESC-DF 2018
Imagem/logomarca da Bienal das Artes do SESC-DF