I am MBHollanda (Marcos Buarque de Hollanda), a Brazilian artist using special markers to draw on wide surfaces, like canvases. This website is my portfolio showcase where I share both my recent work and early drawings, which shaped my style of fuzzy lines.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, I am a passionate about drawing. From 12 to 16, I have practiced drawing in the Arts School of Parque Lage, where I developed a technique of free drawing, with ‘dirty’ and ‘fuzzy’ lines, mostly using nib and indian ink, sometimes adding brush and mixing ink and water for shades of grey.

After a long gap, I have recently done my comeback by revisiting and transposing the technique to canvases, now exploring new possibilities in large formats. I have also been working (a lot) on paper, testing several different approaches with varying lines, colors and inks for an always evolving style. “Never repeat myself” is the motto.