Well, it just happened (no, it didn’t just ‘happen’, there was a lot of sweating involved, but you know, one must pretend it was all very easy).

On June 5th, 2018, I finally opened my first solo exhibition (Streets of Havana) at Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro at 7:00 PM. It was great to be close to so many dear people. Friends, friends of friends, family… a lot of people attended, and I am so grateful for all of them (it was Tuesday night, not Friday night, you know). The pictures were exhibited in Iate Clube until June, 10th.

All drawings being displayed somehow revolve around my ‘virtual’ trip to Havana and its streets. Here is the text I have displayed there, right below the exhibition’s poster-picture:

The exhibition Streets of Havana brings images of the daily life of the Cuban capital in vibrant colors that shine against black and white background scenarios. Marcos Buarque de Hollanda sought visual references of this curious and magic city, which refers to Salvador in Bahia and the neighborhood of Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro. Alleys, alleyways, peeling walls, night … Havana is a dream built by the artist, imagined, reproduced, assembled, idealized, multiplied. The idea of this city is presented in screens and drawings in a profusion of images, stimulating new ideas, creations and constructions. For those who know Havana and those who have never been there, the invitation is on. Come, visit, be inspired and bring your Havana too.
I want to acknowledge all the staff from Iate Clube for making this wonderful area at Corredor Rainha available for my work. It is an invaluable area for an artist, very close to the club’s main entrance and a pathway for all visitors not driving a car. It is an area of great visibility for all the people passing by all day long.

Also, I would like to recognize Vicente Mesquita (mounting and hanging); Eduardo Camões (lightning); Rafael Lacerda (gallerist) and Daura Ramos (overall help and information for the public at the exhibition). All was very well assembled and I wouldn’t have made it without their precious help.

Finally, I want to thank Eva Pimentel for the pictures taken during the exhibition and displayed here (I was carrying a camera that day, but of course I didn’t have time for a single shot).